Achievement introduces

In 2019 was chosen as No.1 Okonomiyaki among the overseas tourists
Appeared in TV and media for many times!
Umeda Walker Takoyaki ranking No.1

Recommendation Should have ataste BEST3



7 kinds of blend material using
hand-selected raw material
with high quality, must have a try.

¥850~(tax included)



Creative fantastic Takoyaki
is selling!

There is course,
which you can make
Takoyaki by yourself.

¥680~(tax included)

※reservation needed



Soft and sticky curly noodles is so delicious!

Only after ordering raw noodles
will be boiled.

¥780~(tax included)

Recommendation from the staff will also change every day!Please visit here and have a check

further contents of the care

furthermore...Japanese Teppanyaki is also available~!

Japanese beef and fresh seafood

Please enjoy the just grilled
hand-selected material on iron plate!

Maximal 50 persons, all seats reservation ok!

Floor information


Please enjoy the fresh made Okonomiyaki,
Teppanyaki on the fixed iron plate.


The space between seat and seat is wide structured,
so that you can enjoy foods comfortably
The decoration object with lantern like in ibis stand
make you a local Osaka feel!
There is also space for customers when they want to
enjoy Takoyaki for take out.

Other place for banquet with all seats reservation

There is other place for banquet with all seats reservation.
all seats reserved for maximal 20-50 persons! For further
information please ask our staff.

You can make Takoyaki by yourself!

For banquet customers

Including a bottomless bar for 2 hours

Luxury course ¥5,000(tax included)

Fresh seafood and hand-selected Japanese
beef for Teppanyaki is main, Takoyaki,
Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba and CREO-RU
recommendation are included in the course.

further contents of course

The reason why you choose CREO-RU

The care for the raw material


7 kinds of the blend powder

7 kinds of the unique blend selected ingredients! Let air to come into the middle and grilled, then inside turns soft, outside tastes crispy via grilling.

7 kinds of the blend powder


the high-quality meat and seafood

we have prepared hand-selected Japanese beef and germless oyster from Ogatsu Bay. We are very care about raw material.

the high-quality meat and seafood


the special Yakisoba

in order to eat at the best status, we will grill the raw noddle only when you ordered. Eat the soft and sticky grilled noddle with sauce is the best enjoyment!

the special Yakisoba


the hand-selected vegetables

we use the cabbage directly from contracted farmers in Osaka. Very sweet and crunchy is the character.

the hand-selected vegetables


spitted cutlet

vegetable oil is used, in order to eat spitted cutlet together with Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki,

spitted cutlet

You can enjoy Osaka specialty and grilling at CREO-RU!

CREO-RU dotonbori 06-6212-9195